18 okt. 2017

quote Nadine Gordimer

Nadine Gordimer, Zuid Afrikaanse schrijfster, in een prachtige lezing uit 1975, toen de Apartheid nog volop heerste. 

"What is a writer's freedom? To me it is his right to maintain and publish to the world a deep, intense, private view of the situation in which he finds his society. (...) The private view always has been and always will be a source of fear and anger to proponents of a way of life, such as the white man's in South Africa, that does not bear looking at except in the light of a special self-justificatory doctrine." 

(De bib heeft hier nog zo'n gezellig stempelkaart systeem. Ik ben de zevende persoon die het boek leent sinds 1991)

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